Erin Manbeck, Author

Burn it to the Ground - Regan and Jake's Ringtone

4 Real - Regan to Jake

We Don't Have to Look Back Now - Date Night

Wake Me Up - Regan's Theme song

Tangled Up In You - Jake's thoughts on Regan

Run the World (Girls) - Piper's Theme song

I'll Keep Your Memory Vague - Maggie's Hidden Song

Everything Has Changed - Regan's Introduction to Jake

Fake it -  Regan's Song to Sam

​Roar - Regan's declaration by the end of the book

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I Will Not Bow - Regan's Song to the Council

​Home - Jake's Song to Regan for the Cottage

Indestructible - Regan's New and Improved Theme Song

All Your Life - Regan's song to Jake

Gone, Gone, Gone - Regan to Gram

Soldiers - The Guardians' Theme song

When I'm Gone - Regan's Fears

Mama's Song - Song for Veronica and Gram

Are You Going To Be My Girl - Sam's song to Piper

Arms - Regan's song for Jake

Eye of the Tiger - Piper's Gag song for Regan

Dancing Queen - Piper's Gag song for Jake

Brave - What everyone wants and sees in Regan

You'll be Okay - Gram's Song

Close Your Eyes - Garden Song

Burn - Leaving for Ireland

Dark Horse - Regan and Jake's Bedroom Song

Raging Fire - Jake pulling Regan from the darkness

Count on Me - The Girls' song