Erin Manbeck, Author


I have spent half my life in New Jersey and half of it in Florida.  What that means is that I'm a well-rounded, sarcastic, but polite, woman.  Others compliment me on my bold and upfront approach, but I can easily read between the lines.  I have a tendency to be brutally honest.  I'll never kick you when you're down, but I'll definitely drag you out of the trenches and knock you upside your head for letting life get the best of you.

My life rolls into my writing.  My characters are usually young, but on the road to independence and are willing to take on the world.  They might accomplish this by kicking butt, using their wit, or relying on their powers.  Some may shy from my writing because I'm not reluctant about dropping the F-bomb here and there, but I am who I am. Besides, it's more realistic, and don't think I'm not looking at your profile and familiarizing myself with the slew of romance novels you have read, because yes, who doesn't like to read a sexy book.  If you are offended that I used the F-word and it wasn't in bed...picture me shaking my head because I'm not going to publicly criticize you.  (Maybe)

I'm a professional, a wife, a protective mother, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend and when time permits, I am a growing writer.  At night, when I write, I escape into worlds where eventually I am going to take control.  My OCD wouldn't allow it to happen any other way.  I want to experience life to its fullest, and I know the only one who can stop me is myself